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What Are Controlled Substances?

These are substances and their precursors which have been regulated by Federal and State Controlled Substance Acts.

Categorized into five schedules under Title 21 code of Federal Regulation part 1300-1308

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Similarly categorized into six schedules by the NC Controlled Substances Act.

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Do These Regulations Apply To Me?

These regulations apply to manufacturers, distributors, dispensers, importers/exporters, and researchers of controlled substances and their precursors.

Activities regulated by both state and federal agencies must follow whichever is more stringent


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Both the US-DEA and NC-DCU perform an inspection and background check before approval.

NC-DCU may perform routine inspection to ensure proper storage, use, and documentation.

Obligations As A Registered User
  • Adhere to all regulations
    – Complying with both state and federal regulations for proper use, storage, and  disposal
  • Recordkeeping
    – Maintaining records and inventories
  • Renewal
    – Renewing registration with NC-DCU annually and US-DEA every 1-3 years based     on activity
  • Loss Reporting
    – Responsible for reporting any theft, loss, or misuse of substance

Obtaining Controlled Substances

• Only registered individuals can order controlled substances
• A valid DEA registration number is required
• Schedule I and II substances require DEA Form 222

Proper Disposal
  • Contact a NC-DCU Agent for disposal
  • With NC-DCU authorization, small quantities can be disposed of by the registrant and a wit ness with proper documentation (exclude schedule I and VI)
  • Can be disposed of by a DEA-approved firm
  • Can sometimes be returned to the original provider

Note that these substances should never be submitted through the EH&S unwanted material software.

More Information

Visit our Safety Plan webpage –  https://ehs.ncsu.edu/safety-plan/

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