Campus door signs are required for every safety plan on campus and are important communication tools should an issue arise in your lab or building.  For this reason, the most current and complete information is needed for timely communications.

Some items to note:

Once you select your building on the request form, a list of rooms will appear. If your room number does not appear, either the safety plan for your lab has not been entered into the EHS Safety Plan system or the room numbers included in your safety plan have not been updated. In either case, check the safety plan associated with the door sign being requested to assess if the correct room numbers have been entered and/ or that the safety plan is active.

Please remember that although you may use only one doorway to enter your lab or room, all public entrances to that space must have a door sign. A public entrance is one which can be accessed from a hallway in the building or directly from the exterior of the building.

New Door Sign Request Form

If you have any question concerning your labs door sign please email lab safety or call (919- 515-6871).