Radiation Workers
New students, staff or faculty working with radioactive materials or radiation-producing devices need to register as radiation workers, attend appropriate training for the research or work being performed and acquire badging as appropriate.

To register as a radiation worker, log into EHSA to create a worker registration profile if you are new to the University.  You must know your PI to do this.  If your PI is not listed in the dropdown menu, contact our office for assistance.

For more information, please view this brief tutorial.

For dosimetry and exposure history requests, more information is needed. Please complete the Dosimetry Service and Exposure History form

Pregnant Radiation Workers
Pregnant radiation workers are encouraged to minimize their exposure to occupational radiation sources at North Carolina State University. A pregnant radiation worker may declare her pregnancy and be issued appropriate badging or be enrolled in bioassay monitoring. This form  is used by a radiation worker to formally make a voluntary pregnancy notification directly to the Radiation Safety staff. Pregnancy declaration is solely left to the radiation worker’s discretion, but is highly recommended both for the well-being of the worker and the developing fetus. This declaration should be made as soon as the radiation worker is aware of the pregnancy.