This page is a resource for an SCC and any other individuals interested in assisting their labs/spaces to enhance health and safety.

EH&S will continue updating this resource, providing tools, links, and training for SSCs

SSC Training

Tools, Information, and Resources:

Safety Topics

Chemical Hazards
Compressed Gas

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Controlled Substances

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Hazard Review
Haz Material
Safety Plans

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What is an SSC?

Assigned by PIs, Secondary Safety Contacts (SCC) can assist the labs/other spaces to improve health and safety conditions for their group.

SSC individuals are encouraged to participate in voluntary lab safety/SSC training. This training, at minimum, will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Acquiring practical tools, resources, information, and training that can be utilized in supporting health and safety requirements of your group.
  • Understanding and enhancing your laboratory compliance requirements
  • Connecting with the Secondary Safety Contact coordinator at EH&S for further assistance.
  • Receiving updates on new hazards, regulatory requirements, and safety information
  • Receiving information on lab incidents and lessons learned

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