An essential element of a successful safety culture is a program that includes positive recognition and constructive feedback. Recognition for excellent performance or contributions to the safety effort are shared to extend positive safety culture elements. Constructive feedback and appropriate action when required safety processes are violated contributes to the larger picture of institutional safety efforts. For purposes of this program, “safety” encompasses all aspects of safety, health, fire prevention, and environmental protection.

The Recognition of Best Practice and Safety Kudos program provides positive recognition opportunities via a process for identifying excellent performance worthy of recognition and the criteria to be examined for excellent safety performance.

Who is Eligible?

Recognition of Best Practice and Safety Kudos can include department level examples, individuals (students, faculty and staff) as well as teams or labs. A department representative may nominate an individual or group from their department for one of the awards listed. Self-nominations for an award are accepted also.

What’s Involved?

Recognition of Best Practice and Safety Kudos will cover three areas:

  •  Sustained Performance
  • Most Improved
  • Contribution to Department or University Safety Effort

Submission criteria will include individual key areas or a combination of performance in the key areas listed in the list below:

  • Safety Orientation Training Innovations: Identifying innovative ways to ensure effective safety orientation is provided for all new employees and visitors, starting with completion of the NC State Safety Orientation Checklist, and including additional department specific safety procedures.
  • Employee Specific Task Training
  • Developing and Documenting Safe Operating Procedures
  • Enhancing Security of Building Interior and Exterior
  • Conducting Lab or Work Area Self-Inspections to Enhance Safety
  • Documenting Emergency Planning Response and Recovery Plans
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Integrating Safety into your daily activities
  • Student Involvement and Engagement related to Safety Projects or Programs
  • Creating or Adopting Innovative Environmental Health or Safety Programs
  • Conducting Hazard Assessments of work tasks
  • Other

What’s the Process?

Have an idea for a Recognition of Best Practice Submission? Submit that here!
Have an idea for a Safety Kudo Submission? Submit that here!

Once you submit application information, it will be reviewed for recognition and shared via the Environmental Health and Safety webpage. Submitters and recipients will be notified of the review process and outcomes.

These Recognition of Best Practice and Safety Kudos, that recognize excellent performance, will be available for others to view, share and learn from!


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