An essential element of a successful safety culture is a program that includes both recognition and appropriate action when required safety processes are violated as well as process of positive recognition for excellent performance or contributions to the safety effort. For purposes of this program, “safety” is meant to encompass all aspects of safety, health, fire prevention, and environmental protection.

This program addresses the forms of positive recognition, the process for identifying excellent performance worthy of recognition, and the criteria to be examined for excellent safety performance.


This process applies to all staff and students of NC State University irrespective of geographical location.


Awards and Recognition will include:

Department Award
Individual Awards – Grad Students, PIs, etc –  $ ?
Sustained Performance
Most Improved


 Awards and Recognition will cover three areas:

Sustained Performance
Most Improved
Contribution to Department or University Safety Effort

Criteria will cover individual  key areas or a combination of performance in the key areas listed below:

Employee Onboarding
Employee Specific Task Training
Conducting Hazard Assessments
Identifying and Using Necessary PPE
Use of Engineering Controls to Limit Physical or Health Risks
Establishing Safe Operating Procedures
Documenting Safe Operating Procedures
Lab or Work Area Self Inspections and Assessments (peer assessments)
Managing Waste and Unwanted Material
Protecting the Environment
Documenting Emergency Planning, Response, and Recovery Plans
Integrating Safety (into your daily activities)
Student Involvement (student inspection teams, etc)
Voluntary Training (beyond requirements)
EHS Inspection Results
Continuous Communication


Any department may nominate an individual or group from their department for one of the awards listed.

Self nominations for an award will also be accepted.  For example, a graduate student may wish to nominate their PI or a PI may to acknowledge the work of one or more students.

The call for nominations will be “pushed” out to the campus community through the Human Resources list of personnel contacts, the list of secondary safety contacts, safety chairs and committee members.

A form for nominations will be provided in the communication e-mail along with an established deadline for nomination return, and a date when judging and results will be completed.

Results will be communicated in the same fashion as described above and will include a link to the EHS web page where the list of nominees and awardees will be published.

The EHS webpage will recognize /display excellent performance year round.


Judging will be done by personnel from the following areas:

Research Administration
OSHC and Hazmat Committee Chairs
Eastman Chemical

Judging will be completed within two months from the deadline for nomination submissions

To submit your nomination complete this form.