Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) administers and implements the occupational health and safety policies and procedures promulgated by the department and by University health and safety committees. Our EHS Center is staffed by professionals in biological safety, radiation safety, chemical and laboratory safety, occupational safety and health and environmental affairs.

EHS Org chart

Safety Policies and Programs

EHSC activities include providing assistance to members of the University community in evaluating minimizing risks in the wide-range and multifaceted activities of faculty, students, and staff, the proper disposal of toxic materials, and the maintenance and analysis of records and documentation for regulatory agencies. Examples of the Center’s activities are:

  • In science laboratories – evaluation and control of chemicals, radioactive materials, and other agents which are potentially hazardous, and training and education in safe laboratory practices.
  • In University offices/classrooms – investigation of ergonomic, indoor air quality, and other sources of complaint, training and education in safe office procedures.
  • For University maintenance/construction staff (facilities maintenance, housing, construction management) – evaluation and control programs for toxic materials including pesticides, paints and cleaners, and training in safe work procedures with support and assistance from University Facilities
  • For new University buildings and renovations – evaluation for compliance with building and safety regulations, and for design consistent with current industry practice with support and assistance from University Police.

University Safety Committees

Environmental Health and Safety works with standing and unit safety committees, to facilitate regulatory compliance, best practice development and practical measures that ensure health and safety in various University environments.