Biological Safety Manual

This Biosafety Manual provides a guide to common practices related to working with biological materials at North Carolina State University in teaching, research, and diagnostic laboratories.

Hazardous Waste Generator Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance for the proper management and disposal of chemical, radioactive, biological, and other environmentally-hazardous waste at North Carolina State University.

Health and Safety Program Manual

The EHS Safety Program Manual is a collection of resources for individuals working in various environments at NC State. The manual includes information on chemical, biological, radiation and fire safety; physical safety, spill planning and response; pollution prevention and waste disposal; hazardous materials transportation; and general safety.

Radiation Safety Manual

The purpose of the NC State Radiation Safety Manual is to assist both personnel and management in complying with the objectives of North Carolina regulations and the NC State Health and Safety Policies in regards to use of radioactive materials and radiation generating devices.


The Stormwater Management Manual can be found in Chapter 6 of the NC State’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program Plans. This manual provides guidance to assist design professionals, contractors and project managers with land disturbing and stormwater management requirements and establish specific design and submittal criteria for development projects. In all cases, compliance with this manual does not preclude the requirement to comply with all other applicable federal, state or local regulations and laws

Hazcom Policy

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, often referred to as the “Worker Right To Know,” used in conjunction with NC State’s Managers Safety Orientation Checklist helps to guarantee that all employees receive consistent and accurate information about the hazardous substances they work with.

Laser Safety Manual

This manual defines the Laser Safety Program for North Carolina State University and provides guidance to faculty, staff, students and visitors on the safe use of lasers and laser systems.