Is it an emergency?

Do you need Immediate Help or to report an emergency?

Examples: crime, fire, medical emergency, hazardous material spill, gas leak, odor, immediate serious fall hazard, or other items requiring immediate attention

Call 911


University Police at

If it’s not an emergency,
but needs prompt attention…

Is it in your work area?

Examples: Water on floor, torn carpet, materials blocking paths, tripping hazards, overhead hazards, broken electrical outlet, or other items that might cause harm if not addressed.

Take action to prevent injury.

Use caution tape, cone, or other warning.

Notify your supervisor to implement corrective action. Or, notify your Building Liaison.

If it’s not in your work area…

Examples: Missing bricks in walkway, damaged stair or handrail, downed tree limbs, downed cables, standing water, or other safety concern needing attention.

If it’s in your building, notify your Building Liaison

If it’s not in your building, notify the Facilities’ Customer Service Center at 919-515-2991.

If it’s an illicit discharge to the storm sewer/surface waters

Examples: Spills to the storm sewer, ground, or surface waters.

University Police at


Report an Illicit Discharge online

If it’s not an emergency,
and doesn’t need prompt attention…

It’s a non-urgent safety concern or question
You wish to report ANONYMOUSLY

Examples: safety concerns, complaints, suggestions, or comments

EH&S Safety Hotline


Report an Illicit Discharge

Ask us a Question

General EHS questions

Examples: Questions about, or help with  specific programs or policies, direction to the correct resource, help with a safety or health problem or any other non-urgent EHS related question