Start on your PATH

PATH is a self-hazard review tool developed to assist researchers and students to provide relevant EH&S resources for an effective hazard review and to identify required training prior to the start of potentially hazardous, laboratory experiments or work procedures.

Governmental regulation and university policy require all laboratory research to undergo hazard review to ensure all safety, health and environmental hazards are recognized, evaluated and controlled. This may take the form of a self-review performed by the researcher in collaboration with the PI and other team members or, for more hazardous activities, may involve a formal EHS Hazard Review with select EHS staff.

PATH is useful for both new and experienced staff and students involved in experiments, processes, or tasks using hazardous materials or equipment and shall be used for both new and existing processes as well as those that are intended to be modified in any way.

*(If you have recently completed the NC State Safety Orientation Checklist, you will see a few unavoidably redundant questions in PATH.)



  • PI, students, supervisors, or any other employee who utilize hazardous materials, equipment, or processes.


  • When they want to start up a new process
  • Modifying an existing process


  • IS
    • Preliminary hazard awareness tool
    • Assists in hazard review process (identifies aspects)
    • Training tool
    • Hazard control awareness including prevention and PPE
  • IS NOT
    • In-depth or inclusive
    • Formal hazard review


  • Preventing incidents, exposure, and assisting compliance.
  • Prevent research interruption


  • Any place that uses hazardous materials, equipment, or processes.