Human blood spill

For assistance with injuries, dial 911 from a campus phone or 919-515-3000 for non-emergencies.

To protect others from accidental exposure to spilled human blood on campus:

  1. Alert nearby personnel of a spill of hazardous material, as necessary.
  2. Secure and confine the area if possible.
  3. Immediately notify your supervisor that only properly trained staff may respond.  Blood removal, cleaning, and disinfection may only be attempted by trained laboratory personnel, University Fire and Life Safety’s Office, or select University Housekeeping staff enrolled in the University BBP program according to their OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan & SOPs.
  4. Without proper training to clean up the spill, the supervisor notifies 911 from a campus phone or 919-515-3000 for non-emergencies.


Research, clinical, and teaching laboratories

Refer to your spill response plan located in your IBC-approved Biological Use Authorization (BUA) form. Only lab workers that have reviewed and signed the Statement of Informed Consent located in the IBC-approved BUA should clean spills or handle waste related to the approved project.  Spills involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules and/or biosafety level 2 or above must be reported to EHS at 919-515-6858 within 24 hours.