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Training Requirements

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Ensure your training was in the last 2 years for IATA (air) or 3 years for DOT (ground).

Email any third-party training certificates to env-health-shipping@ncsu.edu

Gathering Information
  • Review the shipping section of the material’s SDS (section 14)
  • Look at the container labels for relevant markings
  • Create an SDS with the aide of EH&S for newly synthesized materials

    Click for access the SDS DB

Policies and Regulations
  • North Carolina State University
    – Review NCSU’s Materials Transfer Agreements and Export Controls
  • HazMat Shipping Regulators
    – Department of Transportation (DOT) for ground shipments
    – International Air Transport Association (IATA) for air shipments
  • US Federal Permits
    – Hazard-specific import/transit permits from federal departments (USDA, CDC, DOC, etc.)
  • Foreign Governments
    – Contact the receiving party about shipping regulations in their country

  • Follow the specific packing instructions in the regulatory text
  • Use a UN rated container that is compatible and of a high enough specification (X,Y, or Z)
  • Add your hazard diamonds, shipping labels, and any hazard-specific labels
  • Seal the package and ensure all markings are waterproof

Shipping Papers
  • Use the shipping software provided by EH&S (Login emailed after training)
  • Fill out the information exactly as it reads in the regulatory text
  • Print 3 copies and sign each at the bottom

  • NC State uses FedEx for hazardous materials shipments
  • Schedule a pickup. Do not use ship centers or drop boxes.
  • Keep the package in a secure location. Remember, the contents are written on the box
  • Track the package to ensure it reaches its destination

More Information

Visit our Safety Plan webpage –  https://ehs.ncsu.edu/safety-plan/

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