Faculty and staff who seek to become Principal Investigators (PIs) with authorization to purchase and use sealed and/or unsealed radiation sources must follow an application process initiated through the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and the Radiation Safety Committee composed of NCSU faculty members who are currently authorized PIs.


Application Process

In general, application for authorization to use radioactive materials (excluding human or animal use) requires the submission of four forms:

  • RS 01 – Application for Non-Human Use of Radioactive Material
  • RS 02 – Training, Experience, Laboratory Staff, and Equipment Addenda
  • RS 03* – Radiation Safety Training and Experience
  • RS 04* – Dosimetry Service Request and Exposure History Form

* Forms RS 03 and RS 04 may be required for technical staff and other personnel as well.

RS 01 & RS 02 Instructions


Information for Lab Managers

Lab Managers often support the PI and lab staff with diverse activities:

Radiation Safety Training

Ensuring lab workers have attended radiation safety training prior to being potentially exposed to radiation sources. Note that there are different training sessions depending on the type of potential radiation exposure (e.g., X-ray instrumentation versus radioactive materials use). Lab workers can register for the proper radiation safety training session.

Log of Use Form (RS 8)

This form will be issued with every primary stock vial of unsealed radioactive material. The purpose is to track the use of the material used in experiments and subsequently transferred into lab waste containers. Once the primary vial is empty, send this form to the Radiation Safety Office for inventory adjustment. Maintain a copy in the PI’s lab for inspection purposes.

Lab Survey Form (RS 9)

This form may be used for monthly contamination surveys in the laboratory. A schematic diagram of the lab should be drawn and swiped areas should be identified. For those labs requiring removable contamination surveys, a copy of the liquid scintillation counting results must be attached to the diagram and filed in the lab’s Radiation Safety notebook for review during quarterly (3-month frequency) inspections by Radiation Safety staff.

Pregnancy Declaration Form (RS 11)

This form is used by a radiation worker to formally make a voluntary pregnancy notification directly to the Radiation Safety staff. Pregnancy declaration is solely left to the radiation worker’s discretion, but is highly recommended both for the well-being of the worker and the developing fetus. This declaration should be made as soon as the radiation worker is aware of the pregnancy. Other paperwork and further consultation may be required if the radiation worker decides to submit the declaration form.
Radioactive Waste Disposal

A request for collection of radioactive wastes from a lab is through the on-line EHSA Waste Disposal link on the Radiation Safety web page.