The goal of the program is to prevent oil discharges into navigable waters or adjoining shorelines of the US.  The rule may be found at Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 112.



SPCC regulations apply to any owner or operator of a non-transportation related onshore or offshore facility that drill, produce, gather, store, process, refine, transfer, distribute, use, or consume oil and oil products which could be reasonably expected to discharge oil in harmful quantities into or upon the navigable waters of the United States or adjoining shorelines.  A facility is covered by the SPCC regulations if it has an aggregate aboveground oil storage capacity greater than 1,320 U.S. gallons or a completely buried storage capacity greater than 42,000 U.S. gallons.

If a facility stores oil above the stated thresholds, a SPCC plan must be prepared and implemented.  The plans specify the locations of the oil containing devices (above 55 gallons) and practices in place to prevent releases to the environment.  The plan is required to contain the following elements:

  • Physical layout of the facility and a facility diagram with the oil storage locations marked;
  • Type of oil and storage capacity in each container;
  • Control measures (secondary containment, engineering controls, etc.) installed or used to prevent spills/release from reaching navigable waters or adjoining shorelines;
  • Countermeasures for discovery, response, and cleanup the effects of an oil spill/release to navigable waters or adjoining shorelines;
  • Inspection Checklists;
  • Review & Revision Records;
  • Training Records;
  • Cross Reference to 40 CFR 112;
  • Spill Response Contact Numbers, Supplies, & Inventory; and
  • Professional Engineer’s Certification (unless you are a Qualified Facility)

Qualified Facility

A qualified facility may self-certify their SPCC plan as long as it meets the following Tier I or II criteria:

  • Tier I – meets the criteria of a Tier II and has no individual above ground storage container with a capacity greater than 5,000 US gallons. Tier I facilities can complete the SPCC template located in Appendix G of 40 CFR 112 to satisfy their SPCC requirements.
  • Tier II – has not had a single discharge exceeding 1,000 US gallons or no two discharges each exceeding 42 US gallons within any twelve month period for the last three years and has an aggregate aboveground storage capacity of 10,000 US gallons or less. Tier II facilities must generate a SPCC plan that conforms to the requirements detailed in 40 CFR 112.6(b).

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