University employees may transport hazardous materials if the following conditions are met:

  • The driver must be an active University employee (something about as defined by NCSU HR?)
  • Materials must be transported in a University vehicle
  • Materials must be transported in support of official University business

Materials must be securely blocked, braced and stored in a separate cab from the driver and the outer packaging must have a label identifying the correct DOT proper shipping name and UN number. Drivers must have documentation readily available describing the contents of the packaging. Vehicles containing hazardous materials should not be left unattended and should always remained locked. If the hazardous materials pose an inhalation hazard, do not transport in an unventilated area. A small spill kit containing adequate materials and PPE for cleaning incidental spills should be readily available inside the vehicle. Call University Police immediately at 919-515-3000 in the event of contamination or personal exposure.

All radioactive materials shipments must be coordinated by Radiation Safety staff.