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Alan Daeke/Chad Schilling
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  • Safety Orientation
  • Employee Specific Task Training
  • Conducting Hazard Assessments
  • Developing and Documenting Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Use of Engineering Controls to Limit Physical or Health Risks
  • Documenting Emergency Planning, Response, and Recovery Plans
  • Integrating Safety (into your daily activities)
  • Continuous Communication
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During the most recent Centennial power and steam interruption I was present to provide Life Safety monitoring and response to emergency incidents during the planned work period. Alan Daeke and Chad Schilling (at a minimum, there were many others involved in the planning and operations throughout the day) planned, executed and reviewed an exemplary operation that kept everyone safe and all hazards were managed and documented in ways never before seen in my time with the University. There was a written plan, there were safety briefings, there were work period breaks and reviews. There was constant clear and documented communication and there was a follow up discussion for lessons learned.
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Use this plan as a model for future utility interruptions.