Hazardous Materials Committee
Chair – To be Determined
EHS Staff Contact – Bob Segura

Institutional Biosafety Committee
Chair – Matt Koci
EHS Staff Contact – Darren Treml

Occupational Safety and Health Council
Chair – Elizabeth Nichols
EHS Staff Contact – Bob Segura

Radiation Safety Committee
Chair – Casey Nestor
EHS Staff Contact – Scott Lassell

Reactor Safety and Audit Committee
Chair – Ayman Hawari
EHS Staff Contact – Scott Lassell


Unit Safety Committees – Responsibilities

 Unit Safety Committees are safety committees at the college level which represent and assist their colleges or departments in carrying out the university safety mission.  At least one member from each department in a college should serve as a member of the college  safety committee. For non-academic unit safety committees, representation from the various department functions should be included in the committee makeup.  A mix of supervisory and non-supervisory members is also encouraged. The chairs of the unit safety committees represent their committee on the university Occupational Safety and Health Council (OSHC), which is the parent safety committee for the university.  The OSHC receives an annual “charge” from the Chancellor to address any issue or issues of broad concern.  The unit safety committees work towards addressing the charge, along with items they determine important for their college or department.  Committees should meet at least 3 times per academic year.  In addition, unit safety committees work in conjunction with the Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS) to assist their work units in the following manner:

  • Review work-related injuries, illnesses, and near misses to determine if root causes and corrective actions are appropriate.  Assist in sharing corrective actions with others in their college or department. Work cooperatively with EHS to share lessons learned with other university groups as appropriate.
  • Obtain and share information from and to EHS for review of incident trends in their college or department.
  • Assist their colleges or departments in ensuring the safety plans and self-assessments are updated at a minimum annually  or on a more frequent basis as required by regulatory codes, standards, or university requirements.
  • Conduct inspections or participate in work area inspections conducted by EHS.  Inspections should include interaction and  interviews with employees in the work area.
  • Assist department heads as appropriate in receiving safety or health hazard concerns, sharing with EHS, and help ensuring that corrective actions are implemented.
  • Unit committee chair receive annual updates on the university work-related injury and illness statistics and provide feedback and recommendations for improvements to the university injury and illness prevention programs.

Representative – Bob Erickson

Campus Enterprises
Representative – Keith Smith

College of Ag and Life Sciences
Representative – Frank Louws

College of Design
Representative – Christian Karkow

College of Engineering
Representative – Sean West

Colleges of Natural Resources (Forestry)
Representative – Elizabeth Nichols

College of Sciences
Representative – Michael Taveirne

College of Textiles
Representative – David Hinks, Jessica Gluck, Madilynn Smith

Facilities Division
Representative – Doug Morton

Representative – Kevin Sutherland

University Libraries
Representative – Jordan Booth, Katelan Haynes

Veterinary Medicine
Representative – David Dorman