What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of designing work environments and processes for the people who use them.  Please visit the Ergonomics page on the EHS website for more information.

What are ergonomic risk factors? 

Ergonomics focuses on identifying and reducing six important risk factors

  • Awkward postures
  • Repetitive motion or sustained postures
  • Excessive force
  • Contact stress
  • Vibration
  • Temperature extremes

What services does Environmental Health and Safety provides as it relates to ergonomics. 

  • Onsite and online evaluation of employee’s workstations
  • Recommended ways to minimize or control ergonomic stressors.
  • Training and information about ergonomics.
  • Product information as it relates to ergonomics.

What is the first step I should take if I would like to have an ergonomic evaluation performed at NCSU?

Complete an Ergonomic Request Evaluation

How are ergonomic self-evaluations performed?

The online evaluation is issued after EHS has received your Ergonomic Evaluation request. The free self-evaluation online assessment typically take forty minutes to an hour to perform.  After the self-evaluation is performed EHS will issue a recommendation report.

Who pays for any equipment that is required to be purchased as a online evaluations or recommendations.  

The Department that you work in will be responsible for purchase of any equipment.

What is the criteria that should be used to select an office chair? 

See the office Chair Criteria document posted on the EHS ergonomic website.

Is there any training available for office ergonomics for large groups or teams?  

This classroom course is designed for groups of 6 or more employees. This training shows you proper office ergonomics. This course will cover the following.

  • Causes of ergonomic discomfort and how to avoid it.
  • Recognition of signs and symptoms of ergonomic stress, and what you can do about it
  • How to position your chair, keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
  • How to properly use a laptop computer
  • How environmental factors can affect your comfort.

I feel that my workstation is improperly set up. What can I do? 

Complete an online ergonomic evaluation request to get assistance.

What type of training is available for ergonomics.

There is individual, group and job specific training provided.  See specifics.

Please submit all ergonomic request inquiries or questions to env-health-ergonomics@ncsu.edu or call 919-515-8744