Environmental Health and Safety trainings can be searched below by content area. A complete list of all currently available EHS training courses can be found here.

The NC State Safety Orientation Checklist provides broad safety and health information to all faculty, staff, students and volunteers.  The associated Training Assessment, embedded with the NC State Safety Orientation Checklist will help you determine both required and recommended safety training needed for your research.

The Safety Training Needs Assessment is included in the end of the NC State Safety Orientation Checklist, however should you need to access it again to complete training or add more training options, please visit this link.

Course Registrations

Environmental Health and Safety registrations and training tracking has moved into REPORTER for most required and recommended training. REPORTER is NC State University’s solution for tracking, managing, reporting and measuring external outreach, internal training and non-credit activities.  To learn more about REPORTER, please visit reporter.ncsu.edu

Quick registration steps include:

  • First, select your course from the list below.
  • Next, click on the title to be directed to REPORTER for registration using your UNITY ID and Password.  Those without UNITY ID can set up an account and register also for unrestricted courses.
    • If your course is in person, you will have the option of registering for upcoming instances by date or adding your name to a watchlist to be notified of upcoming sessions.
    • If your course is online, you will receive a registration confirmation email, as well as instructions from WolfWare (Moodle) for course completion.

Environmental Health and Safety will maintain the EHS Training Archive records for the foreseeable future. The database will retain historical records for your reference until such time that all records are connected to REPORTER.  New training completion records will not be reflected in this database after August 15, 2017.

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Analytical X-ray Safety - EHPS-RS200This course is intended for radiation workers handling x-ray producing devices, excluding diagnostic x-ray. Topics covered include: Fundamentals of Radiation, Units, Biological Effects, ALARA, Dosimetry, Dose Limits, and Forms, Radiation Safety919-515-2894
Diagnostic X-ray Safety - EHPS-RS700Radiation Safety919-515-2894
Nuclear Gauge Training - EHPS-RS400This training is intended to familiarize researchers with requirements and considerations in the use of soil moisture/density gauges and other portable gauges. Training is required before using the devices and is to be accompanied by proper shipping/transportation training. Refresher training is required every four years.Radiation Safety919-515-2894
Radioactive Material Use Safety - EHPS-RS100The Radiological Material Use course is intended for new users who will be working with radioactive materials in the laboratory. Topics covered include: Fundamentals of Radiation, Units, Biological Effects, ALARA, Dosimetry, Dose Limits, Waste Procedures, Forms, Required Postings and Emergency Procedures.Radiation Safety919-515-2894
Veterinary Clinician Radiation Safety - EHPS-RS500This course is intended for veterinarians at CVM who are involved in operating, ordering, or overseeing the use of radiographic or fluoroscopic equipment or who order or oversee the care of animals receiving nuclear medicine studies. The course is intended to refresh fundamental concepts and review policies and safety procedures specific to X-ray and radiopharmaceutical use at NC State University.Radiation Safety919-515-2894
Veterinary Student Radiation Safety Training - EHPS-RS501Radiation Safety919-515-2894