NC State’s Materials Management offers Surplus Property Services that allow you to repurpose, reuse, resell, and recycle NC State property.   This service keeps hundreds of pounds of waste from landfills weekly.  Equipment having contact with hazardous materials needs special consideration to protect workers, the public, and the environment. General Safety Requirements Equipment must be completely de-energized, including discharging all stored energy in capacitors, tanks, piping, and tubing. Hard wired electrical connections must be disconnected and properly terminated by a qualified electrician. Remove batteries and send for recycling. Gas and fluid connections must be disconnected and properly terminated. Oil should be drained from the equipment and properly disposed of prior to moving. Loose parts or components must be secured from movement prior to transport. Elemental mercury should be removed from equipment prior to transport*.  *Of note, Mercury contaminated equipment can not be surplus and must be disposed via EHSA. Movers and Surplus staff moving equipment shall ensure a PPE Hazard Assessment has been completed that addresses the hazards of the task and specifies required personal protective equipment (PPE). Required PPE shall be worn.

Biosafety Clearance 

Instructions for equipment owners:  Only post this form after the cleaning and disinfection steps–indicated on the form–have been completed. This form must be filled-out, signed by the Principal Investigator, and posted over the biohazard sticker to alert movers or Surplus staff that proper decontamination has occurred.  If the equipment is being surplused. Surplus workers will remove the biohazard label after the equipment has been transported.

Instructions for Movers/Surplus staff: Movers and Surplus staff are not to move equipment posted with the biohazard label without this form completed and signed by the Principal Investigator. For questions or concerns, contact the biosafety officer at 919-515-6858.

Chemical and Laser Clearance 

This Form must be completed and posted on the equipment by lab supervisor/PI. This is required for all laboratory equipment and all other equipment containing or exposed to chemicals and laser/equipment containing a laser source.

Surplusing of Radiation Use-Related Equipment

Surplus or Disposal of Sources

Unused, unsealed sources may be presented for disposal as waste material by entering a description into the EHSA Waste on-line system. Other radioactive sources or equipment used with radioactive material may not be disposed of via Material Management (Surplus Property Management) without prior review and approval from the Radiation Safety Office. Contact the Radiation Safety staff about possible disposal options for sealed sources and other laboratory equipment used with radioactive materials. See the Radioactive Materials webpage for more information  

Surplus or Disposal of X-ray producing Equipment

X-ray producing devices cannot be sent to NC State Materials Management, Surplus Property Management, until all warning labels are removed and certification of disposal or surplus is provided by Radiation Safety.  Please contact the Radiation Safety Office for assistance prior to surplus. See the Radiation Generating Equipment webpage for more information