X-ray producing instruments potentially present a radiation exposure hazard and are required by State of NC Radiation Protection Section regulations to be registered and labeled as radiation-producing equipment. Modifications, repairs and re-locations of these units require notifying Radiation Safety by the responsible PI. Radiation Safety staff perform a routine inspection on X-ray producing units annually.

Principal Investigators are responsible for contacting NCSU Radiation Safety in advance of these situations:

Purchased or Donated X-ray producing Equipment

    • When a unit is procured thru Purchasing or another agency, it must be registered via Radiation Safety. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to submit form “

Radiation Producing Device Authorization Form

    • ” before obtaining the device.

Re-Location of X-ray producing Equipment
When a unit currently at NC State is to be moved from its location, either within the same department or to another department or building, Radiation Safety must be notified prior to relocation or transfer of ownership (e.g., from one PI to another PI). Relocation also includes moving a unit to a different room within the same building for the same PI or another PI. These units must be inspected by the Radiation Safety staff prior to being put into routine use.

Surplus or Disposal of X-ray producing Equipment
X-ray producing devices cannot be sent to NC State Materials Management, Surplus Property Management, until all warning labels are removed and certification of disposal or surplus is provided by Radiation Safety.  Please contact the Radiation Safety Office for assistance prior to surplus.