Chemical Amnesty Program

This program is a multi-day event where chemicals no longer used, wanted, expired, or needed can be removed from labs at selected buildings on campus. Chemical waste generated during regular laboratory processes are not eligible for this program and must be submitted via EHSA for pick up. This program is scheduled by EHS and is not intended for individual lab cleanouts. This program may not occur annually.

The provisions of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvement Rule (40 CFR 260 – 265) require generators of hazardous waste to properly manage hazardous waste generated under their control. These documents are the basis for the Hazardous Waste Management Plan (HWMP) for North Carolina State University (NC State).  Also, NC State has opted in to 40 CFR 262 Subpart K (Subpart K) – Alternative Requirements for Hazardous Waste Determination and Accumulation of Unwanted Material for Laboratories Owned by Eligible Academic Entities.  Waste generated within a laboratory is regulated by Subpart K and managed under the Laboratory Waste Management Plan.  Non-laboratory areas will manage their waste under the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule.

Personnel in those areas mentioned above should retake this training as there are major waste management changes under the new rule.  In-person training is available upon request. Contact for assistance.

Log in to EHSA for Unwanted Materials/Hazardous Waste Management

EHSA – Frequently Asked Questions

Chemical Waste Accumulation and Storage

Management of chemical waste in different work environments requires understanding regulations and applying best practices.  Review the laboratory waste generation and storage quick facts for most common violations cited by regulators and associated guidance.

 Unwanted Materials Form (EHSA)

All University Chemical Wastes must be submitted for pickup via EHSA.  EHSA is the University’s web submission and tracking database and fulfills the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulated requirements involving the tracking of waste from initial use to final disposal.

Laboratory Unwanted Materials Self Audit

Self audit checklist for laboratory unwanted materials

Chemical Waste Pickup Schedule

EHS picks up routine hazardous waste on a scheduled basis. Special projects may require additional scheduling and should be scheduled ahead of time.

NCSU Surplus Guidelines

Some equipment and material may not be appropriate for resale due to the presence of hazardous materials, characteristics, or regulatory constraints. It is the responsibility of the equipment owner to ensure that all oils, coolants, and other hazardous materials have been removed prior to submitting the item for disposition through surplus. Items that may be contaminated by chemical, biological, or radioactive material must be cleaned and inspected prior to submission to surplus.