Requirements for setting up an autoclave:

  • Autoclave use log posted (click link for example log)
  • Autoclave user manual is available
  • SOPs for maintenance and malfunction are posted (see examples below)
  • Vendor has trained end users
  • Must be listed on a Safety Plan

Additional requirements for setting up a LARGE capacity Autoclave (i.e. greater than 5 cubic feet):

  • All autoclaves greater than 5 cubic feet are required to meet boiler certification requirements which includes being posted according to the NC DOL Boiler Safety Bureau.
    • To obtain the boiler certification posting which ensures the unit is in compliance with North Carolina state statute, contact Facilities customer service (5-2991) to submit a work order to obtain a Pressure Vessel certification.
    • Laws regarding Boiler certification requirements
  • Proper Use of a Steam Autoclave (click link) must be posted at the autoclave. Download the file, fill in the department or unit name at the top of the placard, print it, and post it prominently at the autoclave.  Contact Wolf Xpress to have posters printed and laminated.

Requirements for running an Autoclave:

  • Workers must receive hands-on training from their supervisor or department designee on each autoclave device unit they use.
  • The Safe Use of Autoclaves training has been developed to supplement hands on training for users.  It covers the basics of how to safely operate an autoclave.  See the Safety Plan holder for specific training on individual machines.

Requirements for biowaste in the lab:

Autoclaves are commonly located in spaces that are shared among many labs within a department or between many departments within a building.  These shared spaces require at least one designated space owner to list the autoclave on their Safety Plan and post the approved door sign.  Refer to the Safety Plan website. EHS recognizes that managing the shared space can be a challenge.  Contact EHS at 919-515-6858 for help managing the autoclave space.

Here are a sample SOPs and postings that have worked for other groups on campus:

Department SOP’s

  • CVM
  • COE
  • COS
  • CALS

Signage and postings