Physical work performed by NC State staff is highly dynamic and is best described as the interaction of the human-machine-environment. This interaction often results in a myriad of physical safety exposures and risks.  Explore our resources that help mitigate health and safety matters.

Solar panel experts discuss new solar field on the roof of the Keystone Science Center.


Health and Safety Programs

A variety of personal protection equipment and conservation/monitoring programs is available to protect workers in a variety of physical safety situations.  Review these areas that may apply to your work environment.

Are you covered?  Personal Protection Equipment

Breathe right and protected? Respiratory Protection and Dust Masks

Hear me now….or not?  Hearing Conservation

Keeping a pulse on things?  Medical Surveillance Programs

Need to report a spill or discharge? Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures 


Work Safely: Which of these activities apply to you?

Work with charged equipment? Electrical Safety and Lock out/Tag out programs

Crawl in spaces or steam tunnels?  Confined Space Environments

Work in buildings with fire retardant materials in the infrastructure? Asbestos Awareness

Work on renovation or repair projects?  Lead Paint Considerations

Performing maintenance or repairs inside a building? Odor Prevention & Dust Control in Occupied Buildings

Are you on the roof or more than 3 feet off the ground?  Fall Protection Options

Do any Welding, Grinding or other Hot Work?  The Hot Work Program is designed to minimize or eliminate fire hazards associated with any hot work operation.

Need to dispose of waste? Waste Management Practices 

Completing excavation or trenching work?  Excavation and Trenching Information


Resources: Did You Know?

Training classes are available for required training and certifications.

Accident Reporting is key when injuries, illnesses and near-misses occur.  Report events to your supervisor first, seek medical assistance and submit the report to EHS.

Review Visitor Access to Laboratories & Workshops.

In case of emergency, know the Emergency procedures and how to protect yourself in the event of a natural disaster or unplanned event!