If you perform any of the following tasks, with regards to hazardous materials, you are considered a HazMat employee and must receive training.

  • Packaging
  • Completing shipping papers
  • Handling
  • Transporting

Employees who fall under these categories should attend training provided by EH&S or a qualified third party vendor.

Exceptions to this training requirement include:

  • Hazardous materials not shipped in commerce.
  • Employees who receive packages of hazardous materials.
  • All radioactive materials must be shipped through radiation safety (515-2894)

The training requirements for DOT/IATA certification consists of four parts:

  • General Awareness
  • Function-Specific
  • Safety
  • Security Awareness

If you have taken a third party training course that meets the requirements listed above, please send a scanned copy of your certificate to env-health-shipping@ncsu.edu.

Training should be taken before the employee ships any hazardous materials and should be refreshed every 2 years.

For employees who ship biohazards/dry ice, function specific training is available.

Reporter training: