Instrument use
The basic use of radiation detection instruments is covered in scheduled classroom training sessions.

Health Physics Society – “How you can detect Radiation”
Guidance for Radiation Accident Management
Radiation Detection Devices

Requirements for Labs

The instrumentation requirements for labs using radiation sources are covered in the Radiation Safety Manual – pg 45 &46

Instrument Calibrations
The Radiation Safety staff performs free instrument calibrations at 6-month intervals for labs that are using general instrument types such as G-M survey meters.  A Radiation Safety staff person will collect the instrument from your lab, perform a calibration and return the instrument according to a schedule that ensures the instrument does not miss calibration.

Look for a blue sticker on the side of the instrument to determine if the instrument’s calibration is current before using it. If it is out-of-date, do not use the instrument and contact Radiation Safety to have it calibrated as soon as possible.