The US Department of Transportation is vigilantly reviewing companies, carriers, and academic settings for compliance in packaging and shipping hazardous materials. Fiscal and civil penalties can be incurred for non-compliance as well as delay of shipments that may be crucial to time sensitive materials. It is the responsibility of individual shippers to properly identify their material and package it accordingly.

The NCSU Environmental Health and Safety Center implemented a Hazardous Materials Shipping Program to assist shippers conform to shipping regulations.

All shippers of hazardous materials must be trained and certified in the use of the DOT and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Shippers of infectious substances, biological materials, or dry ice may complete this web-based training.

Attendees are trained to:

  • Classify hazardous materials
  • Package hazardous materials
  • Correctly label all packaging
  • Complete all required documentation
  • Access the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and shipping software.

For shipping and transporting other hazardous materials, refer to the Hazardous Materials Shipping page.