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Radiation Safety Training

What should I do if my PI’s name is not on the drop-down list when I attempt the on-line registration for radiation safety training?
Contact the Radiation Safety at 515-2894.

Do I have to complete radiation safety training at NCSU if I already did this at another institution?
The training at another institution must have been completed no more than 2 years prior to starting work at NCSU and you must have written documentation. Contact the Radiation Safety at 515-2894 for more information.

How do I get a radiation dosimeter?
Decisions about assigning personnel dosimeters for radiation workers are made after radiation safety training requirements have been completed.  If a dosimeter is required it will be issued and delivered to your lab.

How can I find out what radiation dose has been detected on my dosimeter?
Radiation Safety will provide your dosimetry record if you make a written request for this information.  If you leave NCSU and work with another employer that uses radiation sources, the new employer can make a written request for your dose history record.

What should I do if my dosimeter is lost or destroyed?
Contact the Radiation Safety as soon as possible. You must not work with radiation sources until a new dosimeter is provided to you.

What should I do if I believe I was over-exposed to radiation during an experiment?
Contact Radiation Safety immediately. Have your dosimeter available for possible emergency evaluation.

What should I do with my dosimeter if I cease working with radiation sources at NCSU or leave the University?
The dosimeter should be left with your PI who should return it to the Radiation Safety Division for a dose evaluation.

Can I use my dosimeter to determine the dose from a dental or medical procedure?
NO. Dosimetry issued by NCSU Radiation Safety must ONLY be used to determine occupational radiation doses received in NCSU labs and facilities.
Transferring and Shipping Radiation Sources

Is it necessary to notify Radiation Safety in order to transfer radiation sources between labs on the NCSU campus?
YES. Contact the Radiation Safety FIRST before any transfers of radioactive materials or radiation-producing equipment are made. The Radiation Safety staff will advise on how to accomplish this task.

Can radiation sources be transported in a personally-owned vehicle?
NO. Contact Radiation Safety staff FIRST before any transfers are attempted. The Radiation Safety staff will advise on how to accomplish this task.

Can radiation sources be shipped from my NCSU lab to a location off the NCSU campus?
Contact Radiation Safety FIRST before attempting any shipments off campus. The Radiation Safety staff will advise on how to accomplish this task.