Upon completion of a new fume hood installation project and before the third-party ASHRAE 110 test is scheduled, a VAV, CAV, or “High Performance” Fume Hood Checklist should be completed and signed by the project manager. These forms are used to ensure that the hood and its components are properly installed and adjusted, room air and cross drafts are properly balanced, and hoods meet required exhaust flow. All calibrations and adjustments must be finalized before the third-party ASHRAE 110 test is scheduled. Note: these checklist documents are not required to be submitted to NCSU EHS.

It is important to post all newly installed hoods with a “Do Not Use” sign during the project; the sign will be removed by EH&S after successful final face velocity test and inspection.

Click here for Requirements for selecting and balancing a new or existing CAV hood for use as a high performance/low flow hood with 80 fpm @ 18” average face velocity.