Radioactive Materials

  • Call 911 and advise University Police to contact Radiation Safety
  • Isolate the area as needed

If you are trained on cleaning the spill:

  • Wear all appropriate PPE
  • Cover the area to prevent tracking and contamination of other areas
  • Once the affected area has been blotted dry, scrub the contaminated area with soap and water. Continue this process until the contamination is less than 500 dpm/100 cm2 of the removable contamination.
  • If the contaminated area cannot be reduced to these levels, the area should be covered with an impervious material (e.g. diaper paper) to prevent further contamination.
  • If the spill produces radiation fields exceeding 2 mrem/hr at one foot from the source, appropriate shielding material should be placed on the area. If shielding is not feasible, access to the spill zone should be restricted.
  • All areas of non-removable contamination should be labeled with cautionary information, and personnel in the area should be notified.
  • The Radiation Safety staff are available to supervise personnel concerning decontamination of surfaces, appropriate shielding, and restriction of access.
  • In the case of contaminated wounds, rinse with running water and soap. (Do not scrub contaminated skin).  Cover with sterile dressing and seek medical attention at once.

Radiation Producing Devices

  • Immediately shut off the equipment and unplug if possible
  • Call 911 and notify the supervisor
  • Remain in the area until help arrives