Based on the type of work being performed, including consideration of factors such as the duration of the task, the materials being used, and the potential for exposure, medical surveillance is either recommended or required for the job.

Specific test results and other personal medical information generated by these exams will be kept confidential between the employee and the physician. The physician will determine the scope of the exam, then inform the supervisor of their recommendations based on the exam results. The supervisor will discuss these recommendations, if any, with the employee. The employee can contact the physician who performs the exam with any questions regarding the test results.

According to federal law, employees have the right to request copies of their medical or exposure records at any time by contacting their supervisor or Human Resources.

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding this procedure, please contact EH & S at 515-6862.


The primary purpose of the medical surveillance program is to identify medical conditions that could lead to an occupational disease. The secondary objective is to assure compliance with federal and state regulations which require medical monitoring when employees use certain materials.


Contact Points

  • Medical Advice: 513-2380
  • Billing and appointment scheduling: 513-0277
  • Non-medical advice (e.g. program requirements, chemical exposure monitoring): 515-6862
  • NCSU Notice of Privacy Practice: 513-3267